Fly unleaded to EAA AirVenture 2013

Despite the positive reaction to our ‘Unleaded to Oshkosh‘ event from 2012, lower-cost, lead-free mogas will still not be available at AirVenture 2013. As we reported in 2011, there are multiple nearby options for those who prefer the fuel. Below is a list of 10 airports within a 75-mile radius of KOSH where mogas is offered for sale.

Prices shown were those found on on July 26, 2013. Most are under the national average price for mogas, $4.62, and all significantly lower than the $6.09 cost of avgas at the two Oshkosh FBOs. If you choose to top off at these airports, please remember to thank them for providing the option of mogas.

As with any refueling stop, it is always wise to call ahead to check on the availability of any fuel. In the case of mogas, make sure that its AKI rating is suitable for your engine.

Refer to GAfuel’s Dean Billing’s list and map of airports across the country selling mogas. Thanks to this useful resource, it is possible for those who prefer mogas to plan a route to Oshkosh from most parts of the country. Depending on your home base, you’ll save significant money by flying unleaded to AirVenture 2013 on mogas. Safe Flying!

Airports within a 75 miles radius of Oshkosh offering mogas:

  • KMTW, Manitowoc County Airport, Manitowoc, WI, 39 ENE, $4.51
  • KHXF, Hartford Municipal Airport, Hartford, WI, 39 S, $4.219
  • 92C, Carter Airport, Pulaski, WI, 42 NNE
  • C47, Portage Municipal Airport, Portage, WI, 47 WSW, $4.39
  • 02C, Capitol Airport, Brookfield, WI, 56 SSE, $4.30
  • 7P5, Piso Airport, Suring, WI, 65 N, $3.599
  • 88C, Palmyra Municipal Airport, Palmyra, WI, 66 S, $3.90
  • 99C, Quam’s Marine Seaplane Base, Stoughton, WI, 69 SSW, $4.99
  • 57C, East Troy Municipal Airport, East Troy, WI, 72 S, $4.50
  • KAUW, Wausau Downtown Airport, Wausau, WI, 73 NW, $4.10
  • 62C, Cindy Guntly Memorial Airport, Franksville, WI, 73 SSE, $4.50

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