Situational awareness

Some would label her “kind,” “sweet,” or “polite.” Being her pilot-dad, I label her “situationally aware.” I’m speaking of my daughter Brenna. She has an ability to see what’s going on in all directions around her. Whether on a soccer field (where she excels) or in the classroom (where she also excels), she pays attention to what is going on around her. (Sometimes to the detriment of her Mother [Deb] and I, but that’s another story). A few years ago, Deb and Brenna were walking into a store and without suggestion, Brenna held the door open for another couple several steps behind. When Deb relayed that event to me, the pilot-dad in me swelled with pride at the thought my daughter was situationally aware. I’d like to think she gets that from me, ahem.
At times, it feels that large segments of society could use a healthy dose of situational awareness. The challenge lies with the fact that everyone’s situation is unique. Take LightSquared for example. Continue Reading »

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